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Faikus-Ficus Golden Live Plant


Faikus Golden Plant or Ficus houseplant is the most popular and easy to grow an indoor plant. There are different varieties of ficus plants. This tree gets delicate elegant appearance, with its gracefully arching branches and shiny leaves.



To keep this plant healthy, proper pruning, fertilization, soil, and light is essential. This plant can also be kept in the office. High humidity around the plant is very important while growing a ficus plant. This weeping fig is the best plant for interior commercial landscaping. It can grow up to 60 feet, during the tropical climate.

Ficus or fig plant improves air quality and it is the best indoor plant. The color of the flower is red when it grows.

This plant is found in Southeast Asia, India, and Northern Australia. Positioning in bright indirect light, it can be easily grown indoor in soil-based potting mix containers. It should be watered regularly during the growing season and can bring out during the summer season.

Leaf dropping is the major problem with this plant. There are different reasons for leaf dropping and one can take care to avoid this problem like too little light, pests, change in temperature, repotting or relocating, low humidity, overwatering or under watering, etc.


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