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Cashew Live Plant


Cashew Fruit Plant is also called as anacardium occidentale, is an erect, attractive and evergreen tree. This nutritious and delicious fruit plant is prefect for outdoor garden. Cashew Plant needs less watering and it grow like tree. It has easy maintenance and grow fast .



For better growth, provide every week nutrition compost, manures and fertilizers. Cashew plant is best to grow in healthy organic content mixed soil.

The growth of dwarf cashew is up to 6 m, but tree can grow as high as 14m. Due to its earlier maturity and greater yield, it is proved more profitable fruit. Anacardium occidentale shell is used in many application like paints and lubricants. The pulp of cashew apple is processed in fruits drinks, sweet, liquor etc.

For insect or pest attack, use citrus oil, spray neem as a primary treatment. Dispose the infected, damage plant parts or dead plant away from the planting area. Avoid fungus infection by applying water on leaves and flowers.

This Kaju plant or fruit plant should keep in natural indirect bright light and check the moisture in soil. Check the dryness in soil. Add 4 cup water when top soil in pot feel dry to touch.


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