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Capsicum Live Plant


Capsicum Plant can be grown in home grader, which is more popular vegetable in most part of the world. It comes in different shapes and different color such as purple, orange, red and green.



This indoor plant is a perennial when grown in the right condition. This crop plant is resist most pests with spicy, hot or sweet, with different shape and size. Capsicum is easy to grow in summer season, as it is temper and warm season crop.

Capsicum has best health benefits and its is also used in medicines. It has excellent growth and requires less maintenance. It require less water and it has dark green leaves. It is used for various health problems such as stomach pain, intestinal gas, digestion, cramps, upset stomach and diarrhea.

How to Plant and Care

  • Maintain adequate moisture with well drained soil
  • It is necessary to water everyday for warm and deserted climate.
  • Once fertilize weed carefully around plants.
  • Prevent bending with stages or cages.


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