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Bonsai Adenium Flower Plant


Bonsai Adenium Flower plant is also known as desert rose, is a deciduous succulent plant. During right biological conditions, if we give proper care, it is easy to grow plant and will grow faster. This plant can be kept indoor as well as outdoor. When this plant is small, you can keep it as indoor plant, but when it grows bigger, you can use it to decorate outdoor.



Bonsai Adenium is an beautiful and attractive plant. It can be found in different shade of colors. This plant can be seen easily in most nurseries of different countries. Africa, Thailand, Arabia, Vietnam, and Taiwan are the countries, where bonsai is most commonly found.

Summer and spring is best season to water the plant and reduce water during winter season. Retain it leaves by keeping it hydrated in winter time. It needs full sun light. Use Liquid and controlled-release fertilizer to fertilize during summer and spring. It is a drought tolerant plant that stores water in its bulbous and thick root. The growth of this plant is up to 6 feet and it can be kept in pot and container.

This house plant is best for its surprising ornamental qualities and for its appealing blooming .


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