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Black Pepper Live Plant is also known as perennial and black pepper. It is the native to the Malabar Coast of Kerala in south India. Peppercorn in black, white and green are produce from this fruits, are mostly used as a spice in cooking. It is the most common spices used worldwide in different cuisines.



Black pepper is the most traded spice as it is easy to grow. The leaves are 3 to 6 cm broad and 5 to 10 cm long. Order plants online grown in a hanging basket or in a container as a houseplant.

Black pepper needs free ventilation to plant and its best to grow under trees as it provide shade. Spring is the best season to grow this plant. Just before new growth appears, one should start planting black pepper. Watering should be medium, as plant root may rot by over water. Organic fertilizer is best for this plant.

Cultivated for its fruits, this flowering vine is usually dried for spice and seasoning, which is rare medicinal and herb plants. Its bloom time is seasonal and its easy to grow. The color of flower is yellowish green and its maximum reachable height is up to 4 m. This Black pepper spices is commonly used in cuisines around the world and its is called as black gold for its most expensive and much pricey for most popular and most essential spice.

Start harvesting when fruits begin to turns red.  Black pepper is grown in soil that is neither too dry nor moist and flooding, so it is mostly cultivated in tropical reason. It needs moderate light and it should be placed on the windowsill. Best time to grow black pepper is summer and it can be brought inside during winter season.

Optimum light for fruiting and high temperature is the basic requirement of plants. Kali mirch plant blooms in summer month and it comes in modest size which can yield hundreds of peppercorns. It is also used in beauty products.

It needs rich potting soil with good drainage and partial shade sunlight. Black pepper tree requires organic fertilizer and when the first fruit begin to turn red start harvesting.


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