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Bay Leaf Plant Tej Patta


Bay Leaf Plant or Tej Patta is commonly used for cooking soups, stews, souses etc for their distinctive fragrance and flavor. They are dries leaf of a tree and it flavor are strongly reminiscent of cassia, cinnamon and cloves.

Bay plant developed their flavor after several weeks after picking and drying. It has broad shiny leaves and it is well worth the wait even it has slow growth.



Bay leaves come from several plants, such as Laurus Nobilis, Indian bay leaf or Malabathrum, California bay leaf, Indonesian laurel, West Indian bay leaf and Mexican bay leaf.

It has sharp and bitter taste and it can’t survive in colder climate. Countries like India, turkey, France, Colombia, Russia, Belgium, Italy, North America, America are the exporter of bay leaves.

Bay Trees Leaf acts as a natural remedy for digestion disorder. It helps indigestion.  It is also use to treat rashes cause by poison, arthritis, earaches, rheumatism and high blood pressure.  Bay trees oil helps in arthritis pain by relieving joint and muscle pain. It contain caffeic acid, phytonutrients and rutin which help protect heart attack and risk of strokes


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