6 Mosquito-Repelling Plants to Grow in Your Outdoor Spaces

The rains are about to arrive and you are going to be enjoying it really closely. You might want to go out and enjoy the rains, while some might want to enjoy a cup of coffee sitting beside the window, looking at the raindrops falling one by one on Mother Earth. One more good thing about the rainy season is the greenery. You will see greenery all around you, enjoying your trips more than ever. The cool breeze while walking on the roads.

But there is one thing that always ruins our time and that is a mosquito bite. They will keep moving around us to trouble you all the time. These mosquito bites are not only about whining pesky, but also about diseases that they are carrying. If you do not take enough care in the rainy season, you might get down with one of the diseases like dengue, malaria, and so on. These are water-borne diseases and mosquitoes become a career for them.

But, as we said, if we have to enjoy the mighty rains to the fullest, we need to first take a few safety measures to keep the bugs away, especially mosquitoes. You can use the power of green to make a natural trap for getting rid of mosquitoes. These plants can help you repel mosquitoes and let you enjoy your time.

List of Mosquito-repelling Plants

There are many mosquito-repellant plants out there which you know or don’t know about. You have a lot of options to make this work. Here is a list of plants you can look at if mosquito repellant becomes a problem:


You might be a big fan of Mint or Pudina, as we all know it. They are largely used as serving agent for most dishes. But, did you know they repel mosquitos like the two similar poles of a magnet? Mosquitoes cannot stand the strong smell of mint. All you need to do is rub 3-4 leaves together with your fingers and see the magic. You need outstanding outside plants care efforts to ensure the healthy growth of Mint in your window or on the terrace.


We all love Lavender fragrance which is sweet and relaxing at the same time. Unlike us, mosquitoes hate the aroma of lavender and tend to run away from it. All you have to do is rub lavender on your body while you go out and the mosquitoes will never follow you. You can buy lavender at an outdoor plant nursery and grow it well at your place.


Rosemary acts as an amazing herb for healthy and delicious food. It also doubles out to be a good mosquito-repellant. You can toss some rosemary in a bonfire to keep away the mosquitoes from the group. Interesting right? Try it out at your next camping site. This is one of the best outdoor garden plants you can have at home to keep mosquitoes away.


A bright pop of color is always appealing to look at in your garden. Marigold is one of these plants that not only add a color pop to your balcony but also keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Marigolds contain a compound that is used in mosquito-repelling products. You can place potted marigolds near home entrances or open windows. The smell of the flowers is what deters mosquitoes from going past the barrier. For your marigold plant to bloom and grow, it requires full sunlight and reasonably fertile soil.


Research shows that catnip is more effective than DEET found in mosquito-repellent products. Catnip is not only easy to grow but is also a perennial herb. For extra protection, you can also apply crushed catnip leaves. However, if you are a cat owner, you might want to choose an alternative to catnip. This is because catnip has an opposite effect on cats as compared to mosquitoes.


Basil is a great option to use for serving food and make it look colorful and more delicious. But, little did you know that it also helps in repelling mosquitoes big time.

There are many outdoor pots and plants you can buy online to make a little garden for yourself with the required plants. You can use the plant pot to grow these mosquito repellant-plants to keep them away from your house.

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