Lucky Plants For Home

Which Lucky Plants are Best for Your Home Other than Lucky Bamboo?

We all are living in between crisis and a little luck will surely help you get through it. The lockdown is causing is not easy for everyone, especially if you are wanderlust kind of person. So rather than thinking about when this will end, use the time to keep up with the beat. Decorate your house, plant some trees or why not do both.

You can start by planting a few lucky trees or shrubs for your house. And one of the names that come to our mind when we think of such plats is the lucky bamboo tree. You might have also gifted this plant to your loved ones and wished good luck for them. If your local nursery does not sell such plants, you can buy a lucky bamboo plant online too. A little luck in these trying times and following some simple tips will keep you healthy and lucky for sure.

Lucky Plants For Home

Lucky plants not only bring luck to our homes but also light up the ambiance of the room they are kept in. They make your house look decorated, beautiful, and also clean in some cases. You can use lucky bamboo pots to keep the indoor bamboo tree which is again beautiful to look at. If you are already intrigued to know more about the plants that can fill your place with luck and happiness, we have collated a list to help you out.

Jade Plant

Money and fortune are sometimes the biggest concerns, especially if you are hardworking and sincere at what you do. Jade plant is also referred to as the money plant in Fengshui because of its round leaves that symbolize fortune. It is one for those who struggle with keeping plants alive in their houses. It is therefore also known as a hard succulent, which means the Jade can store water for a long time and survive on its own with less supply. This beautiful plant is kept in the money, health, and fame area of the house. We recommend that you keep the Jade near the door for the best results.


Basil is also an effective plant to keep at your home to bring back the lost luck. It is known for its ability to replace negative energy with positive energy and bring back the lost good luck of your house. Basil requires around 6-8 hours of sunlight every day and warm, humid temperatures. So, make sure you take care of it and keep it in a place where it gets constant sunlight.

Chinese Flower

If you are seeing a lot of disagreement and negative thoughts in your beloved home within the family, keeping Chinese flowers in your living room can be helpful. These flowers look beautiful and instantly amp up the ambiance of the room. Plus, they are known to bring happiness and prosperity to your family. If that wasn’t less, these flowers also generate goodwill, optimism, and growth.

Money Plant

Most of us are fascinated with the money plant and its growth on the windows and study tables. We have heard a lot about it and according to Fengshui, this plant is known to attract prosperity, money, and fortune. The money plant is also known for purifying the air that makes breathing more relaxing for the dwellers of the house. Remember, it requires good care and sunlight plus a humid climate for its best growth.


Orchids are beautiful and scented flowers that have the capability of instantly uplifting the mood. It is known for bringing good luck and positive energy at your place. These plants release oxygen in night. Therefore, you must keep it in your bedroom area near your bed. These plants require warm weather to grow perfectly. Hence, you must keep them in 12 to 14 hours of sunlight every day to keep them in the best condition.

As much as we all love to have an indoor bamboo plant for luck, there are other alternatives too. Some people love scent and beauty, while others like plants that can survive with minimum care. We have covered most of them on our list from the jade to the orchid. Be it a bamboo tree at home or the jade plant near your door, all these trees and plants will bring extreme fortune for you.

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