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Growing Roses For Beginners: How To Take Care Of Roses

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow at your homes. They have an amazing fragrance and available in different colors too. If you have a terrace with bright sunlight, you should grow roses. However, people don’t grow a lot of roses because they are afraid since they never grew one. The reasons might be different. But, if you are someone who is a beginner and never grown roses, we have got it covered for you. We will walk you through the steps required to successfully grow roses and how to take care of them.

Tips for Growing Roses

Roses are much easier to care for as compared to other flowering plants and shrubs. In case you thought it is a big deal to grow roses, we hope at the end of this article you will change your mind. For that keep reading and stay with us, while we discuss the steps you can follow to make your garden even prettier and colorful:

Start from the roots

You can purchase roses already potted in soil or go for bare-root plants. The decision is yours. You can order flowers online or opt for online plant delivery to save you the trouble of going to a nursery in this hot weather. If you are a novice rose grower, we recommend you to go for container roses since they are easy to plant and quickly establish. On the other hand, the bare-root offers wide varieties but requires tender love care (TLC) in the months after planting. They are also the best option if you are considering online deliveries.

Limit yourself

If you are thinking about planting a variety of roses in your garden or the backyard, think about it again. You don’t want to overdo the planting since there are a lot of varieties and classes under each variety of roses. There are classes ranging from micro-miniatures to grandifloras and from groundcovers to climbing roses with further classes. No doubt you might be tempted to fill your garden with all of them, but it will only lead to a disorderly array and too much for space. Rather than making it crowded, limit to a few varieties since they will not take up space and still bloom like a beautiful day.

Find “The” location

While you are thinking of putting up the best show of roses, we say you first think about the right place to plant it. The reason being, rose plants require around 6-8 hours of sunlight every day to put the best show of flowers. They also require a well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter for better growth.

Pick the right time

You need to find the right time to plant roses for the best flowers. In India the weather is pleasant in most regions and therefore, it can be grown all year round. You can also consider spring season the apt one for planting roses and getting the best output over time.

All the tips we discussed so far are enough to successfully grow roses in your backyard or your homes. You can always search for buying fresh flowers near me on google and go ahead to find the stores that sell roses online.

Tips to Care for Roses

Growing is not the only part of a successful plantation of any tree. You can yield the right results only if you care enough for the plants you are aiming to grow. Then be it a huge coconut tree or a small money plant. Here are a few tips that can help you care for your roses:

Fertilize well

Fertilization is an important activity you have to keep in mind if you want to gain a higher yield from any plants. It provides your plants and trees with extra nourishment required to grow well and yield good fruits or flowers. Also, if you are planning to make fertilization a part of the rose care routine, we recommend you to choose organic fertilizers over its chemical peers. These fertilizers have just the right blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients required for your rose’s optimal growth.

Water wisely

Just like us, plants need water too for survival. We have learned that long back in high-school, but it is pleasant to revise it once in a while. So, you have to keep in check the amount of water you supply to these beautiful plants. You don’t want to overdo it and at the same time, you don’t want a scanty supply of water too. Therefore, you need to check which type of soil you are watering. Roses require uniform soil moisture throughout the growing season. If you have sandy soils for the roses, water supply should be more. For heavy clay soils, the supply should be less.

Pruning is the key

Pruning is a very important task and the best thing you can do for your trees or plants. It is next to impossible to kill your rose bush due to over-pruning. But a little care and few simple rules can help the results to look professional and help in growing a healthier plant. Pruning starts with removing dead and damaged canes, the one that looks brown. Then cut back a third to a half of the previous year’s growth. You have to continue this process until you find white centers inside the cane.

Keep them healthy

Keeping your roses away from diseases is very critical. One of the best ways to keep your roses healthy is to choose disease-resistant varieties. These varieties are bred and selected to keep roses away from common afflictions like the powdery mildew. You can prevent an affliction like powdery growth by pruning a rose bush to allow air to circulate through the foliage.

Now there are many flowery plants out there and all of them are beautiful. Roses are beautiful and have their own significance. Also, it is a symbol of love. You can order many house plants online just like the rose plant.

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