5 Important Tips to Take Care of Your Plants During Rainy Season

With the increasing pollution levels, allergies and asthma have now become a common problem. Air pollution and pollens can intensify the symptoms of allergies. If your child has allergies, you wouldn’t let him/her near to things that can cause more itchiness or rashes. Although today’s homes are lavish and energy-efficient, they might lack the efficiency of natural air or pure air. Moreover, indoor pollution can be easily caused due to sealed structures and synthetic materials.

Thanks to Mother Nature for indoor plants, you can now bid goodbye to indoor pollution and keep your child away from allergies. These plants not only purify the air of those annoying allergens but also add a touch of beauty and greenery to your plush home. So, are you looking for indoor plants online that will clear off the allergens? We’ve got you a list of best air plants online in India.


The biological name of this plant is Dracaena trifasciata. It is also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. Sansevieria is an excellent plant for indoor spaces, as it is a superb air purifier. A study performed by NASA has consistently proved the plant to reduce toxins in the air.

Moreover, this plant converts a lot of carbon dioxide into oxygen. This plant keeps allergens at bay by releasing a lot of moisture into the air. Poor air quality inside the home can lead to sick building syndrome (SBS) in your child. This can cause ear, nose, throat irritation, coughing, itching, dizziness, nausea, and more. All of this is taken care of by sansevieria.

ZZ Plant:

If your home doesn’t receive much natural light, don’t worry. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia (also known as zamia or zz plant) is a plant that can flourish even in low light. It is believed that the zz plant is poisonous, which is a myth! The leaves are slightly toxic and should not be eaten. Therefore, it would be better to keep it away from pets and small children. You can place the plant on a countertop.

Moreover, it is recommended to wash hands after handling the plant. This plant not only adds a gorgeous touch to your home’s beauty but also removes profuse amounts of toxins in the air. The waxy, smooth surface of the leaves reflects sunlight, brightening the room. You can easily order the zz plant online with a planter of your choice.

Satin Money Plant:

One of the most common indoor plants, the indoor satin money plant is not just a means of decorating the house. Apart from its silky, dark green, heart-shaped leaves, it possesses powerful air purifying properties that are known to clean a good amount of indoor air. It goes by the biological name Scindapsus pictus. The indoor satin money plant removes the airborne pollutants from the air, making it safe for your child.

Moreover, this plant is easy to grow and maintain, and also falls within the affordable indoor plant range. So, if you are looking for a natural and easy way to purify home from all the indoor pollution and allergens, the indoor satin money plant is your chance. These plants are easily available online.

Areca Palm:

The biological name for this areca palm plant is Chrysalidocarpus (Dypsis) lutescnes. It is also locally known as butterfly palm or bamboo palm. The beauty of this plant is surely going to adorn the corners of your home by giving it a tropical look; however, these plants require sunlight to survive. So, make sure you keep them in a good spot that receives a good amount of sunlight.

According to NASA’s study, the areca palm is one of those plants that qualifies as a natural air purifier. It cleans the air of indoor pollution while eliminating all the allergens, converting it into the fresh air. So, rest assured, this plant is going to be your child’s friend. Butterfly palm also has some powerful insect-repellent properties, so it’s going to be a win-win situation for you.

Chinese Evergreen:

Chinese evergreen goes by the biological name Aglaonema. One of the best indoor plants to have, you can care for this plant easily. It can survive even in poor light, dry air, and drought conditions. For the best results, it is recommended that you place this plant in a slight humid spot. It gets rid of the allergens in the air while purifying it and providing you with fresh air to breathe. You can easily get this low-maintenance houseplant online.

Allergies can’t keep you from breathing in the fresh air and enjoying some greenery. If you and your child can’t go out, then you can buy indoor plants online to bring some greenery inside.

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